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For businesses who need more sales meetings but don't have time to prospect themselves.

2.500,- / Month
Risk-free pilot
4-34 Est. qualified leads per month
1 Campaign
Attack Plan & Target List
A/B testing
Analytics & optimization sessions
Dedicated Account Manager
Lead follow-up handbooks


For businesses looking to take their lead generation and new business development to the next level.

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Risk-free pilot
Unlimited qualified leads per month
Unlimited Campaigns
Attack Plan & Target List
Advanced A/B testing
Analytics & optimization sessions
Dedicated Account Manager
Follow-up as a service
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Nowhere is quite like Just Leadz.
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7 reasons why:


  • Risk-free pilot
  • Results in 1 month
  • Quality over quantity
  • Return on Investment focused
  • Better priced than a full-time sales rep
  • Empathic, personal & data-driven approach
  • World-class customer service – as you deserve it

Calculate Your ROI & Get A Free Consult

What you will discover: 

  1. Your most effective niches
  2. The best lead generation tactic for your niche. Even when this doesn’t include our services
  3. Your potential ROI

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn’t find what you need? Please contact us.

In almost every business type, size or industry (software, agencies, consultancy, manufacturing, services, health, M&A, education, insurance and even aviation) we proved being able to generate qualified leads, but some are more complex than others. Targeting an HR Manager in a small business is easier than targeting a Fortune 500 CEO. By using A/B testing, results are optimized over time. It’s crucial for us to make every customer happy, and we’ll be honest when difficulties occur, or we don’t seem to be a good fit.

Just Leadz is a team of ambitious, professional and service-minded people who are excited about sales and lead generation. We’re all hospitality trained and want to exceed your expectations now! 

Simply leave it to the experts! When you consider that 83% of internal sales development teams don’t hit quota, the chances of building an internal team and being successful are extremely slim. 

We ran more than 1000 lead generation campaigns and have shaped our process and technology to maximize results for your sales team. Also, we’re much better priced than hiring and managing an internal team when you consider costs like benefits, commissions, data, technology, and coaching internal reps.

Our average time to launch is 21 days. We can move as fast as your team. Often we are waiting on our clients for proper input and feedback on deliverables. If you’re fast with providing us information, we’ll get your campaigns launched asap!

Yes, you can pause at any time. We only require a small monthly fee to pay for the cost of keeping our software licences. We understand that companies and industries go through changes, and we strive for excellent service.

Yes, we aim for long-lasting relationships. Usually all of our contracts can be ended every six months. 

That being said, our team is extremely professional and talented and we hope you stay with our team until you are acquired by the company of your dreams. Our success is your success. Our happy clients are a testament to the quality of our outsourced sales development reps. In fact, we still have the very first client we worked with nearly 2 years ago.

Yes, the minimum collaboration period is 2 months. Every collaboration starts with a risk-free pilot. If we achieve to generate at least 4 qualified leads, we continue automatically with Starter, Growth or Turbo on a monthly basis. If we don’t achieve the minimum target, we end the collaboration, and you get 100% of your money back.


We are different. 

With most of us having combined experiences in sales and hospitality, we understand the need of a customer and strive to exceed expectations. We will do anything in our power to ensure our collaboration will result in ROI for you, and an impeccable service. There are many lead generation agencies in the world, but nowhere quite like Just Leadz.

We define a qualified lead as a contact within the agreed target segment, who wants to explore your B2B offer in a conversation. On average, our clients are seeing 4-34 meetings booked per month. The numbers vary per campaign, as some markets are more complex than others.

Approximately 3 hours of your time. There is a very simple and smooth client onboarding process in place for you. You’ll need to provide information on your target audience and value proposition. After that, we just ask you to be present during a couple of short meetings. During lead generation, it is very important that you focus on the follow-up process and respond real-time to leads. 

Yes. Because that leads to better results and makes the follow-up process more smooth. 

No! The consult is just an initial call to see if it makes sense to collaborate and if we can help you reach your goals and targets.

Yes. At Just Leadz putting our clients and campaign recipients first means exceeding global privacy and data protection standards in order to keep important contacts and sensitive data and communications private, safe and secure.

All service activities of Just Leadz have been officially assessed based on the requirements of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Telecommunications Act by an authorized data protection & compliance corporation in The Netherlands.