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Are you responsible for sales?

B2B companies work with us when they need:

  • More qualified leads and sales meetings asap;
  • More time to actually sell;
  • Lead generation expertise by industry;
  • To target new (international) markets;
  • Excellent service;
  • To crush targets and win;
  • A feeling of relieve.
Trusted by B2B companies across 20+ industries:
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Results & Cases
Firm24 - 69 leads, 49 sales meetings in less than 8 weeks
Case testimonial Just Leadz

‘’We started with Firm24 Premium with 40-50 consultants, now we are growing up to 300 consultants. This great result is not the only outcome of our collaboration. Working with such a positive, energetic company with its online and commercial expertise has a great impact on our collaboration. What makes Just Leadz unique is their constant evaluation of the campaign, with constant adjustments and improvements. It differentiates the company and results in us generating valuable leads.’’

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Start Date: May 1, 2021
 Not many leads
After: 69 leads, 49 Sales meetings
Website: firm24.com

Rick Ros - Firm24 - Just Leadz

Rick Ros – Head of Sales

2KNOWHOW - 41 leads, 13 sales meetings & 5 proposals in less than 2 months
2KNOWHOW Results

Start Date: April 4, 2021
Before: 0 online leads
After: 41 leads, 13 Sales meetings 
Website: 2knowhow.nl

Floris van der Linden 2KNOWHOW en Just Leadz

Floris van der Linden 
Managing Partner

Just Leadz - 47 leads, 11 sales meetings & 4 proposals in 6 weeks
Just Leadz Case Study
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Start Date: April 20, 2021
Before: 0 leads
After: 47 leads, 11 Sales meetings & 5 proposals
Website: justleadz.com

Sam Heringa Just Leadz

Sam Heringa – Founder

Just Leadz isn't a regular agency, we're your reliable partner
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7 reasons why:

Just Leadz is different because we are:

  • Empathetic lead generators;
  • Sales script/copy specialists (+21.340 analysed);
  • 3x better priced than a full-time sales rep;
  • World-class customer service – you deserve it;
  • 5x faster ramped up than a full-time sales rep;
  • Return on Investment focused;
  • Tailored onboarding and short communication lines.

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